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    Chongqing Treasure Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd(TREG). was founded in July 1997 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million and a second-class qualification for real estate development. Treasure Real Estate mainly engages in real estate development, and promotes the growth of related industries of the real estate development. With high-quality residential products, innovative exploration and integrity, TREG embraces science and technology as the leading force for human settlements in the future.

    Comprising of Chongqing Treasure Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Aga Property Management Service Co., Ltd., Chongqing Baotian Shuoguo Investment Co., Ltd., Chongqing Baotian Jinsui Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, TREG has become a comprehensive economic entity integrating real estate development and related operations, civil and industrial building development, commercial operation management, property management, mining and private equity investment.

    With the goal of becoming first class in Chongqing and well known nation-wide, TREG commits to her corporate culture of “harmony, honesty, gratefulness, endeavor and innovation” to provide customers with constantly better services and living environments.





    In 2005, the company was changed from Chongqing Jiaxin Industry Group to Chongqing Baotian Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. The two brands under the jurisdiction of "Aiga" and "Jiaxin" operated simultaneously to meet the needs of different customers. "Aiga" brand: specializing in the development and operation of high-end real estate projects based on the "need for the elite" development concept; "Jiaxin" brand: continuing to engage in low-end real estate projects based on the "quality for the mass" development concept Development and operation.

    Development properties include: Kumho Garden, Jiaxin Garden, Jiaxin · Times Impression, Jiaxin · Renhexin Block, Jiaxin · Fengshang Starry Sky, Jiaxin · Qin Garden, Jiaxin · Xinhua Garden, Igaridu, Ai Sicily, wait.

    Since the establishment of the Baotian Group, the "Baotian people" have been united and forge ahead, struggling hard, exchanging one after another with sweat and wisdom, and facing the rising sun of the new century, continue to write the legend of Baotian ...



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